Yes. In fact, The Ornament Company (TOC) is exclusively a custom keepsake ornament company and our specialty is creating beautiful gold or silver finished ornaments, and we can add optional color  on top of each ornament.  We design from your photograph or drawing. 

We ship your order using UPS ground, and will add the cost of shipping on the final invoice for your project.  The cost of shipping is usually less than 1.5% of the total project cost.

Our keepsake products (using a single tool design) feature etched brass designs which are made of solid brass. Each piece is then nickel- plated and receives a very thin 24kt gold or rhodium (silver) electroplating.  We have some ornaments from over 20 years ago that are just as shiny as the day they were made.  However, if the ornaments get fingerprints on them without the prints being immediately wiped off , your finger oils can corrode the ornament over time. You can wipe your ornament clean with a cotton cloth and water with a drop of mild liquid dish soap like Joy or Dawn.

We offer the ornaments unboxed with complementary Ziploc bags and cards for each ornament for you to assemble, or you can select to ship the ornaments boxed. We recommend boxing the ornaments for higher sell through and ornament protection, but the choice is up to you and your budget.

Yes, you can add up to four colors.  The cost is just $.50 per piece regardless of whether you use one, two, three or four colors - and we do not charge an extra set up charge for color.

The minimum order is 100 pieces. A smaller quantity would have a prohibitive cost per piece due to the need for minimum runs in the etching process.  

We do have an unsolicited testimonials page with quotes from some of our many satisfied customers.  We also show a lot of pieces in our View Samples bar on the left of each page, to give you an idea of how talented our designers are in creating lifelike keepsakes.  We have been making custom keepsakes for over 25 years and have thousands of very happy customers.

Yes, you can reorder as few as 100 ornaments.  Your unique design tool will already exist (no retool charge is incurred), so the reorder time is cut to just five weeks from the date you place your re-order with us to the day we ship it.

For sure!  In fact, within a week of your approving the design we submit to you, we can, upon your request, email you our exclusive photo-realistic rendering of your actual ornament. Also, click on our suggested Marketing Tips for ideas on how to create a successful fundraising program- all at no additional cost to you. Sometimes, customers will sell much of their entire order, using the color,  photo-real rendering we can provide, before we even ship their order to them.

An initial payment of 50% of your total ornament cost is needed to start your project and assign it to one of our talented artists.  You can pay by check, or Mastercard, Visa, Amex or Discover card.  About a week to 10 days before we are ready to ship your final order, we will email you an invoice for the finally 50% payment plus freight (UPS ground rates).  Your payment releases your order for shipment.

While gold is our most popular finish, we do offer a silver rhodium finish at no extra cost.  However, the entire order must be one finish or the other.We can also add silk screened color to your ornament for just a $.50 per piece premium (and no color set up charge), which includes up to 4 colors.

Not at this time.

We will send you a drawing based on the photo or drawing you send us to duplicate.  Minor changes can be made at no charge prior to sending in your approval.  Our artists are expert in replicating the exact look of your building or logo from the material you supply us. However, if major changes are requested which were not part of the original supplied photo or drawing, changes can be made at an hourly rate of $75 per hour.

Absolutely.  Just fill out the Sample Request Form online (or call us) and we will send out a sample boxed ornament (from past production) along with a price list and brochure at not cost to you.  Our customers tell us that having our actual packaged sample to show others involved in the decision making process can be a huge help in communicating how precise our design details can be and how elegant our packaging is. 

Generally, our ornaments are about 2 3/4" by 2 3/8", and come in horizontal, vertical or circular shapes.  We let the artwork you supply us determine the best shape for featuring your design. A gold or silver ribbon is attached to the top hoop of each ornament.

Unlike some brass ornaments which can be extremely thin and flimsy, all of our keepsakes are made of .5 mm brass (.020 " thick) which makes for a strong ornament yet they are very light and will not sag on a Christmas tree branch. 

Within two weeks of receiving your order, we will email you a drawing of your actual design for your approval. Once you fax or email back your approval, we will proceed to making the actual tool needed to duplicate your design.  Also, within a week of your approval, we can, upon your request,  email you a Photoshop photo-realistic version of your design that looks very much like an actual photograph. You can use in any way that is helpful to promote your keepsake while awaiting production.  There is no extra charge for this service.

In general, customers like us to make their ornaments 3-D featuring a small metal tab that allows the center of the design to be pushed to a forward plane.  However, for customers who want to send an ornament through the mail, or who have very wide buildings, a flat ornament will generally yield the best result.