Why The Ornament Company?

5 Ways we make fundraising easy

No skill or experience is necessary – because we provide you with everything you will need for a successful custom keepsake program.

  1. Start with a free sample Kit – at a great price…It's all free for the asking.
    1. No more guess work on how to get "buy-in" from other individuals or a committee.
    2. Our sample kit provides you with a great "show and tell" package including.
      1. A price list is included – no waiting for quotes or estimates.
      2. Because a picture is worth 1000 words …our brochure with pictures is included.
      3. Even better is an actual boxed sample of a 3-D ornament or Suncatcher (a brass ornament backed with whispy blue stained glass).
        1. Perfect for showing your group the detail, elegance and packaging to be used in your own custom ornament.
    3. Includes how-to list showing you how we convert your photo or drawing into a memorable and unique keepsake.
    4. An order form is included which you can fill out and fax or mail in, or you can order online at our website: TheOrnamentCompany.com.
  2. A photo-realistic photoshop rendering of your own custom keepsake
    1. Within a week of approving your custom ornament drawing, we will email you a photoshop rendering of your keepsake (ornament/suncatcher/and/or nightlight)
    2. Great for promoting your keepsake so you can take orders while waiting for your actual keepsake to ship.
  3. Complementary Marketing Kit
    1. A promotional Flyer featuring a photo realistic rendering of your ornament
      1. (Show photo rendering flyer picture)
    2. An excel format Order Form so you can take "Missionary Orders" weeks before your custom keepsake is shipped to you.
    3. Includes our most popular tips for how to make your fundraising program a success
  4. Easy Online Ordering with upfront pricing
    1. We show you up front what your keepsake will cost by publishing our costs.
    2. So, you don't have to wait for a quote, and you don't even have to talk to us to learn what your real price will be.
    3. You can now place your order online anytime day or night.
      1. For added privacy
      2. You don't even have to talk to us, though we welcome your calls.
      3. Our online order form automatically totals your order for you – no more inadvertent addition errors.
  5. Talk to a real Human
    1. We are a small company and believe in the old-style personal service
      1. Creating a custom keepsake with The Ornament Company really is easy.
      2. We will personally answer any questions you might have.
      3. Our artists are exceptionally talented, and you can leave the entire process of converting your photo into a beautiful keepsake
      4. No special skills are needed.