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It's Easy to Get Started

Creating a custom ornament is easy:

  1. Step 1: Request a complementary, no obligation Samples Kit"
  2. Details
    1. Show your committee an actual boxed sample, and receive all the info you need to get started with your order.
    2. Kit includes boxed ornament and suncatcher sample.
    3. Color Brochure included.
    4. Price List included.
    5. Order Form included.
    6. Artwork Guidelines included.

    Request Sample Kit

  3. Step 2: Check our  price list.
  4. Details
    1. All of our prices are published – no waiting for a quote.
    2. Minimum order as low as 100 pieces.
    3. Just email us a photo or drawing of the subject you wish us to duplicate.
    4. 3-D Ornaments come with gold finish (or optional rhodium silver finish).
    5. One- time Set-up charge of $295 for custom drawing and tool.
    6. No set-up charge for added color (up to 4 colors possible).

    View Price List

  5. Step 3: Download color brochure
  6. Details
    1. The brochure will let you share answers to most questions with your committee or those involved in the approval  process.

    Download Brochure

  7. Step 4: Choose your product mix.
  8. Details
    1. View Options

    2. As few as 100 Ornaments.
    3. Choose Gold (default) or rhodium silver finish.
    4. Add up to 4 colors for a total of $.50 per piece.


  9. Step 5: Place your order - Order Now!
  10. Details
    1. Place Order Now!
    2. The downloadable Order Form (for new orders or reorders).
    3. Fill in our automatic Online Order Form and submitted online, or by mail or fax.
    4. Online order form will total your order automatically,
    5. 50% deposit calculated automatically if using online order forms.
    6. Email your artwork to us buy clicking peter@theornamentcompany.com. Then, click on the paper clip, find the desired picture file on your computer, and click to select the file.  Then, just press send. It's that easy.
    7. Not sure what we need for artwork? Check out Artwork Guidelines.
    8. Not sure if your order will ship in time for your event? Check out our Shipping Schedule.
    9. Confirmation of your order will be issued by emailed once we have these three items:
      1. Supplied photo/drawing 2. Signed Order From 3. 50% Deposit.
    10. Approval drawing will be emailed within two weeks of receipt of qualifying order.

    Place Order Now!